certified age friendly employer program

Certified Age Friendly Employer (CAFE) Program
RetirementJobs.com's Certified Age Friendly Employer (CAFE) program is an initiative to identify those organizations that are committed to being the best places to work for employees at or above age 50. Certified employers are those that value employees based solely on their proficiency, qualifications and contribution and also maintain policies, practices and programs supporting people age 50 and older. Further, Certification indicates an employer's recognition of the unique value of age 50+ workers as well as its commitment to provide meaningful employment, development opportunities and competitive pay and benefits for those employees.

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This special designation means RetirementJobs.com has determined - following a confidential, comprehensive in-depth analysis based on interviews with authorized employer representatives - that the employer meets RetirementJobs.com Age Friendly Certification Standards. seal.jpgMeeting these Certification Standards specifically includes the employer showing a commitment to employ individuals over age 50 and to internally investigate employee complaints regarding age discrimination. Certified Age Friendly Employers pay a fee for biennial reviews & monitoring and for support of RetirementJobs.com's extensive advocacy outreach on behalf of job seekers over age 50. Certification does not mean that the business's products or services have been evaluated or endorsed as age friendly by RetirementJobs.com. Businesses are under no obligation to seek Certification, and some businesses are not certified because they have not sought certification. Similarly, not all organizations that apply for certification earn it; however, in these cases, RetirementJobs will confidentially identify key weaknesses in the employer's program so that they may improve those deficiencies and reapply at a future time.

Certification Purpose
The purpose of the Age Friendly Employer Certification program is to assist age 50+ job seekers by identifying those employers committed to objectively considering them for appropriate employment, free of age bias or discrimination which is one of their major concerns. Certified Age Friendly Employers want age 50+ candidates to know they are valued for their knowledge, maturity, reliability and productivity.

Certification Standards
RetirementJobs.com's research and evaluation of the recruiting, employment and human resources policies, practices and programs of recognized Age Friendly employers yields a model of proven best practice standards. This model is the basis of the Certification evaluation program. The twelve categories of best practices standards are:

  1. General Commitment and Workforce Policies
  2. Organization Culture and Employee Relations
  3. Workforce Planning and Composition
  4. Employee Retention
  5. Candidate Recruiting
  6. Management Style and Practices
  7. Training and Development
  8. Job Content and Process Accommodations
  9. Work Schedules, Arrangements and Time Off
  10. Compensation Programs
  11. Healthcare Benefits
  12. Savings and Retirement Benefits

Within each standard category are several established prominent best practice policies, practices and programs that comprise the framework of the RetirementJobs.com's Certification evaluation process.

The certification granted by RetirementJobs.com is that of Certified Age Friendly Employer. This designation is issued following successful completion of the Certification evaluation by RetirementJobs.com staff. Certified employers are listed on the RetirementJobs.com website and in publicity material. The Certification seal is inserted on Certified Age Friendly Employer profiles and individual job postings. Further, the certified employers are encouraged to place the seal on their own career sites, on postings at other online sites, and in appropriate marketing collateral.

Any employer is eligible to apply to become a Certified Age Friendly Employer.

Certification Evaluation Process
Certification evaluations are performed exclusively by RetirementJobs.com Research & Certification staff members who are highly experienced Human Resources professionals. All data provided by the organization as part of the Certification evaluation process is entirely confidential and never reported.

The evaluation's primary steps are:

  1. Application or Letter of Interest - Employers may submit an evaluation application or letter of interest. Employers posting jobs are contacted automatically by RetirementJobs.com's staff.
  2. Process Review Discussion - A RetirementJobs.com staff member will contact the employer to explain the Certification program and the entire evaluation process.
  3. Evaluation Questionnaire - Participating employers may complete a confidential questionnaire of recruiting and employment policies, practices and programs. This questionnaire encompasses the twelve categories of known best practices related to age friendly employers.
  4. Program Review - The employer's questionnaire submission is reviewed by RetirementJobs.com and follow up discussions are held as appropriate (on-site, via phone or e-mail) to ensure accuracy and validity.  Additional material or information may be requested of the employer.
  5. Related Recognition - Other public recognition as an age friendly employer is considered favorably in the evaluation process.
  6. Renewal and Recertification - Recertification is completed every twenty-four months. In this way, employers seeking to maintain the currency of their certification are assured of a scheduled review.

Certification Validation
The Certified Age Friendly Employer screening and decision process has been examined by members of RetirementJobs.com's independent Board of Advisors, comprised of leading academics and professionals, and has been determined to fairly and accurately assess appropriate employer "best practices" for workers age 50 and older. The Age Friendly Employer Certification factors and process will evolve and be updated continuously as supportive employers and age 50+ workers reshape the workforce of the future.