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Taxes By State
Taxes By State
Considering where to retire?
- Personal Income Tax, Sales Tax, Estate and Inheritance Taxes, Retiree Taxes
- Check out your tax rates if you move
Is It Legal?
Is it legal to ask a candidate their age? You may be a little surprised after reading these facts.

See "How Old Are You?"
Finding a Job at Age 50+
If you're 50 or older and haven't had the experience of searching for a job in recent years, you're in for a real surprise. This 8 part job search series will help get you started.

Part 1 - The New World of Job Searching
Money and Retirement
Can you work and collect Social Security?  Should you retire early? Does it make sense to take an early buyout? Find out the answers to these questions and many more.

Learn About "Working and Social Security"
Be Your Own Boss
Working for yourself or a company you own or control can be very rewarding. Over 15% of all active retirees and workers over 50 indicate they want to be self-employed.

Read "Be Your Own Boss"

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