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Current Massachusetts employment statistics

Massachusetts ranks 13th among all states in population of people over 65. For the number of job opportunities for seniors it ranks 10th. Massachusetts accounts for 2.3% of all workers over 55 in the United States.

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Amherst Medford
Attleboro Natick
Boston New Bedford
Braintree Plymouth
Cambridge Quincy
Framingham Revere
Great Barrington Somerville
Lawrence Springfield
Lowell Waltham
Lynn Worcester
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Just for fun, did you know? ...........

  • Massachusetts was the 6th state incorporated in the US on February 6, 1788
  • The Massachusetts state bird is the Chickadee.
  • Massachusetts is currently considered a Blue state and voted Democrat in the last presidential election.
  • There are 125 total colleges in Massachusetts.
  • Massachusetts ranks 44th in total GDP contribution out of all states.